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Move Now! Coaching

Move Now! Coaching – Bringing You Back to Your Life Journey.

Is It You?

  • Are you unsatisfied with a certain aspect of your life? Would you like to change it and you do not know where or how to start?
  • Do you need to deal with a change in your life and are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Do you need to make a decision and you are unsure how to decide or whether your decision is the right one?
  • Would you like to gain clarity over the things that are really important to you?
  • Do you have a dream or a project in mind and you do not know how or where to start?
  • Are you looking for help with time management, prioritizing your activities and projects, money management, motivation, dealing with procrastination or any other issue?
  • Would you like to be more confident and to believe in yourself more?
  • Do you have everything and your life seems to be great, however you feel that something is missing? Would you like to reach your full potential and become even better?
  • Do you have another issue that is currently bothering you and you do not know how to solve it?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then coaching could be for you. If there are any areas of your life you would like to change, discussing them with a coach will give some helpful insights.


Sometimes you feel that something is missing in your life or that you are unfulfilled. You would like to make a change but you do not know how or what change exactly. You do not have the necessary courage, self-confidence or a strong will.

I coach under the brand Move Now! Coaching. I work with those who have recognised that they want to make a change in their life and they are seeking help to facilitate this change.

I help you to gain clarity on what you want, set your goals and support you in taking action and achieving your goals by motivating you and making sure you are on track. Without action our goals are only dreams…

I also work with those who have a strong desire to change something in their life but do not know what exactly. I help you to find your direction and passion so that you can be happy and fulfilled!


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More about Coaching

What Is Coaching?

  • An interactive process where a coach guides and facilitates the client’s progress towards defined goals.
  • Coaching helps to define where the client wants to go and gets him/her there faster and more easily than if they worked on their own.
  • A coach works with clients around their desire to move forward in their lives and achieve their ambitions.
  • A coach uses purposeful and insightful questions to help the client discover their own “best way forward”.
  • With the support of a coach, the client can make clearer judgements about situations, make better choices and decisions and take effective actions.
  • Coaching is a collaborative partnership where the client is the expert in their life and the coach is the expert in the coaching process.

What Coaching Is Not?

  • There are some similarities between coaching, mentoring, consulting, therapy and counselling; however there are many differences. All these disciplines will have a slightly different perspective on how and what each seeks to achieve.
  • The main focus of a coach is the present and the future, a coach does not give advice and does not fix anything. A coach asks questions so that you can find or confirm your own answers. A coach is objective, non-judgmental and can provide you with valuable feedback.

What Can You Get from Coaching?

Clients report improvements in many areas, depending on the issue discussed during coaching. In general, you will feel more confident, clear on what you want and what is important to you, you will progress on things that you always wanted to do, faster than if you were working on your own, you will change beliefs and habits that are preventing you from being completely happy. These are just a few of the benefits.

What you can expect if you decide to work with me:

  • Get what you want, i.e. life balance, relationships, career.
  • Be more confident and happy.
  • Make your dreams happen.
  • Achieve balance in your life.
  • Fully develop your talents and abilities.
  • Achieve your full potential in your work or personal life.
  • And much more….
  • I will hold you to account and help you keep your motivation which sometimes can be lost if things don’t go like we want them to go.
  • I will provide you with useful feedback.
  • All sessions will be tailored to you and will take into account your style and personality.


Do you have more questions? Check the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section.

Check FAQs


I will be happy to answer any other question that you cannot find there.

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How I Work

My Main Focus Areas

I can help you with the following issues:

  • Career Change – are you thinking of changing your career and are looking for help with the process? Or would you like to do something different, but you do not know what?
  • Moving to a Different Country – have you decided to live and work in other country and are looking for help with the process? Are you following your partner to a new country and you are unsure what will happen with you?
  • Making Your Dream/Project/Event Happen – have you always wanted to do something and have not found the courage yet? Do you have a project/idea in mind and do not know where to start? Are you an event organiser or manager and you feel that you would like coaching to get you back on track or to become aware of your priorities?
  • Dealing with Change – are you going through a big change in your life? Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure how to handle it?
  • Increasing self-esteem and self-confidence – do you feel you need to work on your self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth?
  • Happiness, Satisfaction, Fulfilment – do you feel something is missing in your life and you do not know what? Would you like to be happy and satisfied?
  • Other Issues Related to Life – e.g. trust in a relationship, time management, beating procrastination, making priorities when having a lot of projects, finances.


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Coaching Services

I offer the following coaching services (click on each tab to see more information):

1-2-1 coaching consists of an individual session between me and you, face-to-face either in my home office or another place in Barcelona (Spain), that we agree in advance. If you would like me to travel to your location, anywhere in the world, all expenses incurred would be paid by you.

Individual coaching sessions last from 30 mins to 1 hour. In order to achieve desired results, a series of coaching sessions is recommended (4, 6, 8 or more sessions). Usually, coaching takes place once a week, but can be adapted to each personal life style.

Internet/Telephone coaching consists of an individual session between me and you, via telephone or the internet (i.e. Skype) with or without a web camera. This style is suitable for you if you do not want to or cannot travel. From the comfort of your home you will call me at pre-arranged times and it can be a very efficient way for both of us.

Individual coaching sessions last from 30 mins to 1 hour. In order to achieve desired results, a series of coaching sessions is recommended (4, 6, 8 or more sessions). Usually, coaching takes place once a week, but can be adapted to each personal life style.

Group coaching consists of a small group of max. 5 people. This is usually for teams who are coached at the same time, via workshops or alternatively a teleconference online.

Group coaching sessions last between 2 – 4 hours, or it can be agreed to have a half or full day workshop.

I also provide support via email, telephone or the internet in case you do not want individual sessions and need a quick feedback or check whether you are on the right path.
I organise seminars, courses, workshops and talks related to any topic of personal growth and development, e.g. happiness, consciousness, health, spirituality, communication, motivation, self-confidence, courage and what we can do to achieve our personal goals and improve our life. I may also introduce a new technique, method or tool that can be useful for you or I may organise an event for the body and mind such as yoga, meditation, healing, etc.

These events are led by people willing to share their knowledge of a certain area. I also invite special guest speakers who lead specific courses & workshops for you.

To check the latest information on the seminars and workshops I organise in Barcelona, Spain, please go to the Yes We Can! Personal Growth Group Barcelona – click here.

I have written several e-books related to personal growth and coaching.


I communicate and deliver my services in:

  • English
  • Czech

What My Clients Say about Me and My Coaching

Click here to read testimonials from my coaching clients.

What Can You Expect from Me?

Professionalism. Respect. Active listening. Non-judgmental environment. Asking questions. Trust. Commitment. Perseverance. Fun. Support. Encouragement. Feedback. Inspiration. Empowerment. Action. Tools.

What Do I Expect from You?

Cooperation. Respect. Trust. Commitment. Perseverance. Willingness to change and take action. Acceptance of responsibility for your own decisions and goals. Determination. Fun.


Why Me?

  • I have been working on my personal growth and the growth of my clients for several years and am known for my integrity.
  • I know useful techniques and tools that I can share with you.
  • I have a special ability to get to the “heart” of an issue very quickly.
  • I will provide you with useful feedback and will help you discover your own answers.
  • Working with me may be challenging as I may point out things you do not want to hear. However, I can assure you that you will get a lot out of our coaching relationship.
  • I have supported clients from various sectors, backgrounds and countries. I always tailor every session to your personality and your needs.
  • I completed the Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching with The Coaching Academy in the UK, a Certificate in Personal Coaching with The Coaching Academy and a Certificate in Fundamentals of Co-Active Coaching with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in the UK. I also completed the “Curriculum for Living” with Landmark Education and the Social Psychology course from the Wesleyan University.
  • I use complementary techniques and psychology during my coaching to have the holistic approach. I have personal experience with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), PSYCH-K, Grinberg method, NLP, The Journey, Reiki and many more experiential techniques. I also bring nutrition and life energetics, meditation and spirituality into the mix.
  • I am 100% committed to you achieving what you want to achieve.
  • My philosophy – you have all you need, sometimes you don’t see it. I am here to help you see it again and help you get confidence and courage to move forward. If you do not move, you stay where you are. Life is too short so why to waste your time? New or more knowledge is not going to help you in this case. That is why the name of my company is Move Now! Coaching – do something, take action now. Now is the perfect time. Move Now!


Are You Interested in Working with Me?

  • You can request coaching via the following channels: the enquiry form on this website, mobile (+34 634508123), email or in person.
  • I offer a free 20-min initial consultation via Skype to address your questions, concerns and clarify the process. You can find out if you feel comfortable working with me and you will have opportunity to ask questions that you may have about coaching and me. I will explain what coaching can do for you, find out what you feel is lacking in your life, what you need help with and see if I can help you.
  • Once we both agree to enter into a coaching relationship, I will send you some preliminary stuff that you will complete before our first coaching session. We will also confirm the date, time and length of the first coaching session. Further, we will agree on the total number of coaching sessions and other details. You will pay for the agreed sessions in advance.
  • I also provide additional support between coaching sessions via email.
  • I am flexible in terms of method, time, number and length of sessions.
  • I tailor each session to your individual needs.
  • I have limited places to ensure my full attention and commitment to you and your results. I encourage you to contact me now to secure your place.
  • I follow the Professional Code of Ethics of The Coaching Academy.


Contact me for more information! I am here to support and empower you!

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