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Do You Need Help with Your Event?

  • Are you looking for an experienced event planner to plan and organise your event from the idea generation until the end?
  • Are you looking for help with a certain part of your event?
  • Are you looking for feedback or additional ideas for your event?
  • Are you looking for other help with your event?

In addition to my own events, I can also plan and produce your event or provide feedback and ideas on your event. Whether you have internal business meetings, corporate marketing or other need, use my expertise of over 20 years to discuss your proposal, deliver your event and take the stress off you.

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My Experience Related to Events

I have been organizing various events since 1994 the majority of which were my own initiative, from the event idea generation, to planning and initiation, marketing to final event production.



I have experience in organizing the following types of events:

  • Events of various sizes, ranging from 5 participants until several hundreds.
  • Events with topics such as leadership, personal growth, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Sustainability, languages, finances and entrepreneurship.
  • Educational seminars, transformational workshops, global, cross-industry business conferences, trainings, parties, career fairs, fundraisers, gala dinners and other types of events.
  • Events attended by local, national or international audiences such as students, individuals, non-profit organisations, SMEs or global companies.
  • Events in countries, such as the Czech Republic, the UK, Sri Lanka and Spain.

The events were organized either under my own brand, as a product of company Impact Five Events, which I co-founded and co-directed in 2012-2013, or on behalf of clients and NGOs (AIESEC, JCI).

Examples of Events


My Skills and Experience

I have experience with every aspect of event planning and management:

  • Leading teams of 3 to over 60 people
  • Strategic planning and concept development
  • Designing promotional materials and logos
  • Fundraising and securing sponsors and media partners
  • Researching topics for global business conferences, industry trends and outlooks
  • Designing attractive conference programs
  • Securing international top-level speakers
  • Website creation and co-ordination
  • Finance control and budgeting
  • Logistics – locating venues and making food and equipment arrangements
  • Marketing, promotion and sales
  • Communication with participants, suppliers, contractors and volunteers
  • On-site experience with various types of events
  • Follow-up after the event


My Specialization

  • Topics: Personal Growth & Spirituality, CSR & Sustainability and Entrepreneurship
  • Creating unforgettable,  life-changing and transformational events (offline, online)
  • Ideas generation
  • Coaching and mentoring event planners and managers


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Do you have an event or a project in mind but do not have the resources or knowledge to make it happen? Let me know what you need and I will endeavour to help you. I enjoy new challenges!

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