Is This You?

  • Newly qualified coach.
  • New business owner, entrepreneur, freelancer.
  • You have decided to change a career to work for yourself.
  • New event organizer or event organizer wanting to enhance your knowledge.

Are you looking for a mentor who can share their knowledge and experience with you? Apart from coaching and event organizing, I also offer mentoring.


What Is My Mentoring Program About?

  • I will share my knowledge, experience and resources with you.
  • I will provide you with useful feedback on your ideas and actions.
  • I will help you gain clarity, set goals, encourage and motivate you to work on your goals.
  • I will be committed to your success.
  • I will be here when you need someone to talk to about your doubts, fears, insecurities, as well as happy moments, winnings and good ideas.


Benefits of Participating in a Mentoring Program

  • Improving productivity and working smarter and faster than if working on your own.
  • Access to a support system during critical stages of your professional development.
  • Direct access to powerful resources.
  • Identification of skill gaps, auto-sabotaging beliefs, behaviours and habits. Creating an action plan to reduce the gaps and to replace the limiting patterns.
  • Having a broader perspective and avoiding potential mistakes.
  • Creating a safe learning environment and learning specific skills and knowledge that are relevant to your goals.
  • And more…


How It Works

  • In the first phase, mentoring sessions usually take place once a week or once every two weeks, in the second phase, the usual encounter frequency is once every two weeks up to 4 weeks, and the last stage takes place according to your needs, even irregularly.
  • One session of mentoring usually lasts 2 to 4 hours.
  • The total duration of the mentoring program is agreed with you, it can be one meeting (a specific task or knowledge) or it can take months and years (development and growth mentoring).


Contact me now to find out more!