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I easily create connections with people, I deeply listen to them, I do not judge and I am open-minded, I know how to deliver complex information in a way that everyone understands it, I am organised but I also know how to flow, I can be visionary or I can have an eye for details and structure, it depends on what is needed. I like to support people to become authentic, fulfilled and to find their inner peace.

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am passionate about personal growth and people development and have been active in this arena, in a number of countries, for more than 20 years. I create strong and immediate emotional connections. I see beyond the obvious, and intuitively understand at a deeper level.

I have an ability to identify the core of a challenge very quickly. I then facilitate working through the way forward and guide towards theappropriate solution with motivation.

I am independent and self-directed. I know when to dial up the emotion, and when to pull back. I remain controlled and focused and rarely make conclusions at the superficial level.

I make careful decisions on complex issues in a thoughtful way. I remain calm in pressurised situations and captivate others with my vibrant style of communication.

I inspire people to get involved in my projects and people confide in me due to my non-judgemental and open-minded personality. I communicate selectively and purposefully, with a minimalist approach.

I constantly work on my own development and am a quick learner as can be seen from my varied educational background. My Ph.D. in Corporate Economics and Management has been enhanced by a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Master’s degree in Business Economics and a coaching diploma. I update my education and knowledge constantly and absorb and apply my learning into my work.

I identify and recognise the right tools, information and the delivery mechanism. I use my marketing and project management experience to spot opportunities and deliver creative results.

I have worked in the CZ, UK, Germany, Austria, Sri Lanka and Spain and speak 6 languages.

I operate easily in changing and diverse environments and adapt to people, situations and challenges very easily too. My direct style and results oriented personality make me very efficient and successful in whatever I work on.

charity support

I regularly support Arrels Fundació and people on Kiva. I irregularly support other foundations and charities, homeless and musicians on the streets. I also offer my time and experience when needed.


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what clients say

“The coaching impacted on my level of self-confidence which has translated into lessening the stress when making decisions and into improvement my relationships with others. The main results are a proactive attitude to reach my goals and the importance of my own criteria in detriment to what others do think or say about me. I immediately felt an increase of respect towards myself and others.

What I liked the most of Martina as coach is the accurate focus of the coaching sessions to the needs that I expressed. She picked immediately my questions and planned carefully the sessions to solve them progressively.”


“The coaching relationship was extraordinarily positive for me. What amazed me the most was the realisation that all my goals were perfectly manageable. Martina helped me articulate these goals and break them down into their component parts. In doing so, I could identify the resources I had and the resources I needed to reach my goals. Martina’s thoughtful input and gentle persistence helped me realise that my goals were not as impossible and unattainable as I had thought. Working with her gave me the courage to make change and has equipped me with the tools I need to build the kind of future I want.”

Christina, Freelance Writer, Spain

“I worked with Martina over a number of months and what struck me most was her unique talent to truly support and make a stand for you as a human being. Sometimes when being coached it is necessary for us to hear things we don’t want to hear and one of the key things Martina brings to her coaching is the ability to bring things up kindly that we may be unwilling to confront or perhaps have not even noticed are holding us back. For me, Martina acted as a kind of unwavering ‘tree’ in her loyal and rigid support, allowing me to confront obstacles I didn’t even know were there and hence achieve incredible breakthroughs in overcoming them. In many ways Martina is not for the faint hearted. If you try to hide from things, she will raise them, kindly but firmly, again and again, until you get the message! This is not an easy thing to do and for me this is true compassion.”

Sarah, web editor, UK

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