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“Martina is a wonderfully motivating coach! Her integrity is commendable as is her professionalism. In my experience with her I have often found that Martina is that little voice in my head that inspires and encourages me to take the necessary actions towards my dreams and goals. I highly recommend her for anyone that is ready to make their visions a reality.”
Raquel, Professional coach, Spain
“The coaching relationship was extraordinarily positive for me. What amazed me the most was the realisation that all my goals were perfectly manageable. Martina helped me articulate these goals and break them down into their component parts. In doing so, I could identify the resources I had and the resources I needed to reach my goals. Martina’s thoughtful input and gentle persistence helped me realise that my goals were not as impossible and unattainable as I had thought. Working with her gave me the courage to make change and has equipped me with the tools I need to build the kind of future I want.”
Christina, Freelance Writer, Spain
“Thanks to Martina’s guidance and support I have learned that we all have within us everything we need to be happy. It’s not always easy, but it’s all about learning to flow and be at peace with oneself.”
Mark, Spain
“I worked with Martina over a number of months and what struck me most was her unique talent to truly support and make a stand for you as a human being. Sometimes when being coached it is necessary for us to hear things we don’t want to hear and one of the key things Martina brings to her coaching is the ability to bring things up kindly that we may be unwilling to confront or perhaps have not even noticed are holding us back. For me, Martina acted as a kind of unwavering ‘tree’ in her loyal and rigid support, allowing me to confront obstacles I didn’t even know were there and hence achieve incredible breakthroughs in overcoming them. In many ways Martina is not for the faint hearted. If you try to hide from things, she will raise them, kindly but firmly, again and again, until you get the message! This is not an easy thing to do and for me this is true compassion.”
Sarah, Web editor, UK
“Working with Martina was a self-discovering experience, as she helped me realise things that most of the times were lying in front of my eyes. Being myself a quite energetic person and goal orientated individual, I found great help through our sessions, as I managed to get faster and closer to my goals with more efficiency and no hesitance. Martina pushed me hard and challenged my beliefs in every session, which put me in a position that I had to ask myself all the tough questions. It is worth to mention that within the week after each of our sessions, I had taken action and managed to achieve or schedule all of my present/potential goals. At that point I realised how important is coaching for determined and goal-oriented people.

Martina was extremely positive, joyful and enthusiastic throughout the sessions , which eased the sharing of my inner thoughts with her. Also she was always punctual to our appointments and our whole communication (through Skype) on specific dates gave me a feeling of stability and that someone is actually tracking my efforts and progress. Finally, I would like to add that Martina’s overall impact on my goals was considerable and meaningful.”

Panagis, Consultant, UK/Greece
“The coaching impacted on my level of self-confidence which has translated into lessening the stress when making decisions and into improvement my relationships with others. The main results are a proactive attitude to reach my goals and the importance of my own criteria in detriment to what others do think or say about me. I immediately felt an increase of respect towards myself and others.

What I liked the most of Martina as coach is the accurate focus of the coaching sessions to the needs that I expressed. She picked immediately my questions and planned carefully the sessions to solve them progressively.”

“Martina is both supportive and challenging in her coaching and accepts no excuses!

I met Martina as a coach, in a voluntary role with the aim of helping others to develop. I felt that she was a warm, real person who worked patiently with me and helped me gain a new level of self-awareness and understanding of how to overcome and deal with the areas I was working on. My coaching from Martina was hugely satisfying and gave me the energy and motivation to achieve my goals. Martina kept me focused and encouraged me to see what was achievable.

Martina went with my own (usually fast!) pace and I felt like we maximised the value of every session. My experience with Martina has shown me what a truly effective means of development coaching can be. I would whole-heartedly encourage anyone who is thinking about arranging some coaching sessions, to contact Martina. If you are looking for coaching for you or funding coaching for your staff, Martina is a great coach, who you can trust to be committed to working with the real issues and finding effective outcomes.”

Helen, Competence manager, UK
“I enjoyed working with Martina and found her approach to be focused and targeted. Her ability to work with my thinking to identify clearly what I wanted and what to do about it was professional and incisive and she had an interesting and effective way of challenging me. It wasn’t always easy but it was right. I would certainly undertake coaching with Martina again in the future.”
Barbara, Professional Coach, Hong Kong
“I worked with Martina for 6 sessions on a specific subject. It was my first experience with coaching. I had the expectation, that she would lead me into thinking and acting and my expectations were fulfilled.

Thinking became something enjoyable, surprising and at the same time practical. I learnt through her questions to see things from different angles and – maybe even more important- I started to ask much more questions myself.

Martina´s attitude is very respectful, creates a lot of trust, but it is also challenging to work with her. I recommend her for her efficiency, her humanity, her results and the pleasure, that it means to work with her.”

Karin, Grinberg method practitioner, Spain
“Having Martina as my Coach was a great idea! Thanks to Martina’s right questions, empathy and encouraging approach I set and reached my goal. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a life coach.”
Juamba, Teacher/Coach, Spain
“Coaching with Martina help me to put priorities in my life, take decisions about the important things and create plans for being happy and successful. In particular, coaching with her helped me to create a committed plan to finish my PhD dissertation in a shorter time after working on it for many years without getting any results. Also, coaching help me to be clearer about my professional career after my PhD: creating my own business using the methods and results of my PhD dissertation. Today I feel very proud of my achievements. Coaching has definitely made a difference in my life. I recommend Martina, she is a great professional.”
Jose María, Consultant, Spain
“Martina is a great leader, open and honest person and very very inspiring! Thanks to her I learnt a lot about myself and I was able to develop myself in many areas of my life and achieved things I would not have expected before!

Overall I can say that I am very pleased about Martina’s professionalism, the quality of coaching she provided and especially her commitment towards her clients!”

Daniela, Consultant, Belgium
“Martina, I see you as a caring, supportive, focused, lively and sensitive person as well as having an air of authority.

You act with authority to benefit others, for example at times I found you to be pushy and unreasonable, this was only for my benefit as you helped me realise who I really am, made me look inside my self to establish my abilities, the success my capabilities could bring, the actions I need to take, where I am right now, where I want to be and achieve as well as what I need to do in order to achieve the heights I aspire to.”

Deepinder, Consultant, UK
“Martina provided me with life coaching when I came to London. I had to go very deep in discovering myself and I had to bend over my ego to the very bottom. Martina’s constructive feedback and encouragement enabled me to see my inner values and helped me considerably to be again over things! Thanks to Martina’s coaching I became a truly new personality. It would be hard to find somebody of more listening, encouraging and stimulating than Martina. She is there for you, to listen to you, to help you discover yourself.”
Radovan, Consultant, UK/CZ
“The coaching with Martina has helped me to see inside myself and look for answers. Sometimes we look for answers and reasons outside, when it is much more effective and valuable looking first into ourselves. It also has helped me to realise that getting a solution to some issues is sometimes much easier that we might think.”
Bea, Graphic designer, Spain
“I had experience Martina as a coach several times throughout 2011 and besides the three attributes I chosen from to define her as a professional (integrity, professionalism and value) is her interest and enthusiasm in making a difference in people´s lives via coaching as well as her coaching training background that can set her apart from other coaches in the industry.”
Alberto, Sales professional, Spain
“I have known Martina for many years and before becoming a professional coach, Martina used to “practice” her skills on me which came very naturally to her. She always saw through my attempts to excuse myself from not responding to my personal challenges in life and offered ideas as solutions. Martina has an “anything is possible attitude”, practices her philosophy herself and I have witnessed her start and complete a number of challenging projects, normally without any experience in the area and some while holding down a a day-job at the same time. I jokingly used to call her “superwoman” and thoroughly recommend her to help clients find out what they want in life and empower them to do something about it.”
Mark, Business Development Director, UK
“Martina’s incisive and empathetic questioning techniques facilitated action plans to a number of challenges over a period of about 6 months. Martina has a focused and insightful approach to coaching which is enjoyable to work with – both as a client and as a coach. Also, she brings a combination of her diverse work and life experience into the coaching process, which adds to the richness of the journey.”
Barbara, Global Career Consultant, Hong Kong
“What a fabulous and inspirational coach! Martina helped me to set and achieve my professional and personal goals and to overcome my fears and procrastination! I would highly recommend her.”
Jose María, Head of Analytics, Spain
“Martina and I had a series of life coaching sessions in early 2011. Every session with Martina was encouraging, positive, enthusiastic and thought-provoking. At the same time she was exceptionally professional and obviously passionate about our work together. I have no doubt that working with Martina helped me to confidently take the steps I needed to take to feel like I could reach my goals. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others looking for a life coach.”
Christina, Strategy and Enterprise, Spain
“It was really nice to meet you, Martina. At the session with you I felt like at home, talk with you was very interesting (and funny) and now thanks to you I’m nearer to achieving my personal goal 🙂 I’ll keep you updated! I’m sure we gonna meet again soon! Thank you so much :)”
Ruben, Business Owner, Spain
“I didn’t reach my target yet but the coaching helped me to realize what is important to focus on if I want to reach something, it was very interesting experience for me and I might continue later. At the moment I am in a “cleaning” process, looking for answers and direction inside of me which is opening new perspective in my life.

I like you as coach because you are open minded (open to spirituality too) and very direct, which I found very important in the coaching.”

“I wasn’t sure at the beginning that coaching could help me… after the first session I realized that I knew the answers but I didn’t know how to see them, just being there, during the sessions everything became clear, it has been a revelation for me. I like your style, you don’t say anything unless it is necessary, this is my feeling, but also at the same time, you can see when I am trying to avoid something and you guide me into it. I felt very comfortable working with you, your look is very humble and it gives me trust.”
Jordi, Reiki Teacher, Spain
“My experience with Martina and her life coaching skills have been of great value to me in that I was challenged to evaluate my current circumstances and analyse them, which I don’t think I would have done, with being quite a busy person.

The coaching has also helped me to identify certain areas in my life that I need to pay some attention to and plan & put measurable steps in place to try and overcome some of the hurdles and reduce the height of those hurdles. Martina helps one discover ones own answers by asking all the right questions and at the end of some sessions was very insightful in summarising the discussion and revising the outcomes that one had reached and reaffirmed them.

I found Martina very tolerant and patient and when I was stuck for words, encouraged to independently find answers, and in some circumstances, the “light globe seemed to be switched on”.

I found Martina a very likeable person and very easy to open up to. She was very reliable and persistent when necessary.”

Erica, Business Development, South Africa
“My coaching sessions with Martina have proven to be very beneficial and have had a positive impact in several aspects of my life. Martina has allowed me to recognise what is most important to me and she has enabled me to set clear goals and outcomes to ensure my life has become more rewarding as a result. Martina’s support and encouragement have meant that I have gained more clarity and focus on areas of my life that have needed attention and I find myself happier and with more motivation than I have had before. Thank you Martina, for your easy and supportive approach and for guiding me to achieve my desired outcomes.”
Tracy, NLP Practitioner, UK
“The coaching served as a trigger to initiate self-awareness questionings. Throughout the process it helped me to define what my values are, and how they have been effecting my choices. It served as a gap analysis to understand where my communication improvements are required. It provided a mirror to look where I am right now, and how satisfied I am with it; it also provided tools to put down achievable actions.”
Evren, HSE Engineer, UK