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“I have worked with Martina in set-up ideas/marketing on a number of projects that she successfully organised and managed in the personal development and charity space. Her enthusiasm and energy encourages all those who come in contact with her to work towards positive action in personal and team endeavors. Martina is dynamic and open. She is very positive, has a can-do attitude and a firm belief in personal improvement.”
Kavitha, Creativity, Strategy, Analysis, UK
“Highly skilled professional, Martina is a very responsible worker who devotes herself in every project she joins or begins. Personally, a very kind person with whom is a pleasure to share projects.”
Marta, Area Manager, Spain
“Martina has an “anything is possible attitude”, practices her philosophy herself and I have witnessed her start and complete a number of challenging projects, normally without any experience in the area and some while holding down a day-job at the same time. I jokingly used to call her “superwoman” and thoroughly recommend her to help clients find out what they want in life and empower them to do something about it.”
Mark, Business Development Director, UK
“I worked with Martina on several projects and its always been a great pleasure. Martina is very creative, attentive to details and excellent in managing people. On both occasions, Martina created teams around her that she motivated and inspired to be their best.”
Solveig, Charisma Coach, UK
“Martina is a perfect team leader and knows how to manage time and unexpected stuff. When you work with Martina you feel like working with a friend, who will never leave you until the goal is achieved.”
Ivan, European Project Manager, Spain
“Working with Martina has always been a great experience. She has outstanding planner, communications and executive skills that make the difference. Her events are unique and create high value. She combines the charming and nice personality from East European countries with the management skills from the Western countries. All participants were always really highly satisfied and happy with her events. Definitely, I will strongly recommend Martina to organise your events.”
Jose María, Consultant, Spain



“A stimulating mix of attendees with a great breadth of experiences.”
Nick Lakin, Head of CR & Commercial Communications, Molson Coors Brewing Company, UK & Ireland
“I enjoy the variety and relevance of the events Martina organizes.”
Mitsi, English Educator, Spain
“Thanks for organizing such encouraging events to open our ‘sleepy souls’. All of them that I attended were absolutely inspiring!”
Maribel, Spain
“I find that almost all the events you offer are very interesting and good for peoples’ inside growth !!! Thank you for doing this.”
Steffi, Spain
“I want to express my appreciation for your commitment to offering high quality activities that are perhaps new and, above all, empowering for the people who participate in them.”
Anand, Spain
“I love it! Lots of interesting thing’s to do and to get people involved and excited about personal development, whatever the discipline there’s something definitely for everyone.”
Kitty, Spain
“CSR must become an organic behaviour of companies.”
Johann Toews, Corporate Responsibility Sustainability – Energy Excellence, BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, Germany
“Transparency adds credibility.”
Paivi Salpakivi-Salomaa, Vice President, UPM Environment, Finland
“Martina is a unique individual with extraordinary drive and passion for life. She is extremely positive and with a wonderful imagination matched with the energy and motivation to put her ideas into practice. She is a great person to have around.”
Joe, Senior Account Manager, Spain
“Many thanks to Martina for generating such a beautiful space with so varied interests where personal growth can take place for anyone who is interested in it!”
Sophie, Spain
“I like your ideas, and I like the energy of your group. Go well, and goodbye.”
Bonny, Spain
“Warm, wonderful group. Martina (organizer) seems very genuine, and I feel I want to return when time allows.”
Dermot, Spain
“Martina always organizes interesting events.”
Maria, Spain
“I am happy and grateful for your effort.”
Maite, Spain
“Thanks, Martina. I liked it. Sensuality, strength and presence, here I come!”
Sandra, Spain
“Thank you, Martina for organizing the meeting! It was lovely to meet all. “
Katja, Spain
“Every single event organised by Martina inspired me :).”
Pieter, Spain
“It was my first time, but definitely not the last. I am glad I went to the event.”
Gabriela, Spain
“Very good, lovely people, I enjoyed it.”
Simon, Spain
“A fantastic experience!”
Rainer, Spain
“I felt very comfortable, and the people were involved and attentive during this meeting.”
Xavi, Spain
“Great topics and fun.”
Michelle, Spain
“A need for today’s world.”
Octavi, Spain
“Interesting to share thoughts and experience with like minded people.”
Tiff, Spain
“Very good.”
Adriana, Spain
Melanie, Spain
Montse, Spain
Cristina, Spain
“I enjoyed the event and will be attending another one soon.”
Pri, Spain
“The first experience was fantastic.”
Marta, Spain
“I liked the experience.”
Alicia, Spain
“I liked the people, the spirit and the desire to learn and discover.”
Maike, Spain
“Nice event. Thanks for organising.”
Nae, Spain
“Enriching event. Thanks, Martina!”
Sandra, Spain
“I had an opportunity to attend one of your events with a friend of mine a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it!”
Renee, Spain