Project Description

The concert called Music for Namibia was organized in London, UK on behalf of an organisation called People in Need. All proceeds went towards their project in Namibia in the Karas region in the south, namely to a local chorus as well as to local schools to buy musical instruments.


How Did It Start?

I’ve always wanted to do something for a good cause, esp. after living 1 year in Sri Lanka and travelling to Africa but have never found either courage or idea what to do….the opportunity came in November 2008 when I participated in a leadership programme and part of this programme was to come up with a project where I would make a difference in a community. That was my chance to do something….. because I like music I came up with the idea of a charity concert for Namibia. I was also influenced by a documentary movie about musical school in Angola that I saw in January 2008…..

I decided to support Namibia because my friend worked there for a charity called People in Need (PIN). She was there for two years and I visited her in October 2007. The mission of PIN in Namibia was to focus on supporting families and communities affected by HIV/AIDS so they did a lot of activities to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS, about treatment etc. but they also had a workshop there where they employed poor people or people affected by HIV/AIDS. These people then produced handmade products which were sold in Namibia, the Czech Republic and in the UK. They did a lot of activities with children and schools too so I thought they were ideal for my idea.

I told my friend about my idea to organise a charity concert and to send all proceeds to their mission to support local schools to buy musical instruments for children. She was also excited about this idea and said that it would be good to support children who try to do something, e.g. singing, and she suggested supporting the local chorus because Namibia is expensive and the money we would send would not be enough for schools but it could make a difference to the children chorus. So the final decision was that 2/3 went towards the local chorus and 1/3 to schools.



Who Attended?

Over 80 people gathered to support this good cause.


What Could People Enjoy?

African music performed by a group called Kasai Masai, drum performance, dance demo class, raffle,…


Examples of Photos


My Contribution

This project was my idea and I was involved in it from the beginning till the end. I lead a team of 5 people and together we organized this concert.