Project Description

Empowering Global News (EGN) collects and distributes inspiring, positive, balanced and objective news in various formats from people around the world and enables access to other websites and initiatives with positive and objective news. In short, EGN is about creating alternative channels that give people hope.


Why Empowering Global News?

  • To offer an alternative analysis of media consumption, highlighting the positive.
  • To create a responsible news culture, focusing on balance instead of drama and sensationalism and empowerment instead of helplessness.
  • To promote knowledge and research on the impact of news on personal well-being / happiness.
  • To showcase and inspire success stories of real people.
  • To connect people from different parts of the world.


How Did it Start?

In 2008, the project initiator Martina participated in the project “Inspiring News”, conducted by her friend Jarda. Contributing with her own news she aided in the creation of a news video.

As a professional coach, Martina is very aware of the interaction between thoughts and action. Bothered by the prevalence of negativity in the news and the devastating impact on many people, she decided to take action. In 2011, Martina started the project “Empowering Global News” as a news aggregator of positive news.

In 2013, and after a major re-alignment exercise, EGN was re-launched to empower people all over the world to balance their own news consumption.

Since the end of 2013, EGN has been providing positive and empowering news and has been offering access to other similar websites.


What Is This Initiative about?

We provide news on our website which we believe is positive, inspiring, objective, balanced, unbiased or empowering. We are also a gateway to other websites and initiatives with positive and objective news in English and other languages. Furthermore, EGN is about creating a community and connecting people who inspire each other – real stories from real people.

If you have an inspiring story to tell, send us your text, photo, video or article reporting something inspiring or good happening to you or something positive that you notice which you normally would not (however small or big it may be). The best news will be included on the website. For more details see the page “Get Involved“.

We would love you to become a reporter/spectator of life and help us spread our initiative and make a real difference to people’s lives.

Can we count on you?

Visit the EGN website for more information and to read empowering news:


My Contribution

This project was my idea. I have been involved in all aspects of this project – e.g. website creation, news publishing, newsletter creation, database creation.