Project Description

The Academy aimed to build a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, to share knowledge and experience and to create new business opportunities and prospective cooperation.

Through 6 events and a workshop we aimed to build an understanding of the skills that makes an entrepreneur, develop entrepreneurial skills and business acumen and learn about resources and leadership and how to ask for funding and investment.

The goal of the Academy was to empower aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to succeed.


Who Attended?

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who sought knowledge, ideas, feedback, inspiration and motivation.
  • Experienced entrepreneurs who shared knowledge and experience, inspired and motivated others and gave feedback.


What Did Participants Learn?

  • What it means to be an Entrepreneur
  • Leadership & Its Functions
  • Resources, Resourcing and Resourcefulness
  • Business Development: Core Disciplines of Business
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Positioning for Funding and Investment

+ All day Practical Workshop

+ Graduation dinner

My Contribution

This project was my idea. I developed and executed it with support of my team. As the project manager I led a team of 4 people.