Project Description

The RSB Event was business and value centred, focused on empowering CSR & Sustainability professionals and their companies with step-by-step insight on all aspects of successful CSR implementation; from Strategy to Employee Engagement, to Metrics and Reporting, to Future and Value Creation.


Who Attended?

Job Titles included

  • Chief Sustainability Officer.
  • SVP, VP, Director, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • SVP, VP, Director, Head of Corporate Communications.
  • SVP, VP, Director, Head of Governmental & Public Affairs Policy.


Example of Participating Companies

Sanofi, ING,  Telefónica, Panasonic, Unilever, Segway, GRI – Global Reporting Initiative, CSR Europe, SCA, TriplePundit, UPM-Kymmene Corporation, BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, Molson Coors Brewing Company, UK & Ireland, ArcelorMittal, Aarhus University, Forética, Gullón, Caixa Bank, BSD Consulting, Evaluatel, Ecodigma, Eco-Union, The Boston Consulting Group, KPMG Global Resource Center

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What Did Participants Learn?

  • How to gain a competitive advantage through integrating CSR and sustainability into company’s operations and strategy.
  • How to build a corporate culture that reinforces sustainability and responsibility.
  • How to capitalise on new market opportunities through new business models with corporate responsibility and sustainability at the core.
  • How to create and measure sustainable value whilst ensuring economic success and ROI.
  • How to embed sustainability into product, process and service development to address consumer demand with regard to a sustainable future.
  • How to provide training and tools to engage and motivate employees in the sustainability journey.
  • How to manage internal and external aspects of CSR and sustainability communication in a global company.
  • And much more!


Examples of Photos


My Contribution

I was a co-founder of Impact Five Group, the company organizing this conference. Thus I was responsible for the whole conference from the idea generation to the actual event. I researched the topic, designed the conference program, contacted and secured 22 international high-level speakers and was responsible for finance control and budgeting, website design, logistics and marketing. At the conference I overlooked the smooth running of the conference.