Events with Stephen Popiotek


Stephen Popiotek is a cutting edge Metaphysical Teacher/Researcher and Channel for a variety of esoteric subjects including The Kabbalah, Cosmic Shamanism, Numerology, Egyptian Mystery Teachings, Sacred Geometry, Property Cleansing, Star Gate Activations and the Ascension Process, Planetary Grid Upgrades, Galactic Channelings, Spiritual Warrior Activities and Solar Teachings […]

Satsang with Kosi


Satsang means to sit quietly at the feet of God, sat-chit-ananda—being—consciousness—bliss—that is a totally in the moment, honest, fresh discovery of the lasting happiness and pure bliss of your real nature. This is not an ordinary meeting or lecture, it is a sacred meeting infused with a potent energy that supports the direct realization that who you really are is this unending bliss. […]