Professional Career Coaching

Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

It’s time you advance in your career. It can be from getting a promotion, landing a new job, returning to work, upskilling, and becoming a better and more efficient leader.

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Professional Coaching

Professional coaching

Are you thinking of changing your career best your heart sing, something that you find meaningful and that will give you energy? Let me support you with that process that can seem overwhelming. I have changed my career in the past and have coached other people changing their careers, therefore I know what to do and would like to share it with you.

Support and guidance with a tailored programme for you focused on getting clarity about your new career path.

 Designing a new CV and an interview preparation.

Sessions available online or in-person.

Duration: 2 months intensive with a session and support every week.

“I enjoyed working with Martina and found her approach to be focused and targeted. Her ability to work with my thinking to identify clearly what I wanted and what to do about it was professional and incisive and she had an interesting and effective way of challenging me. It wasn’t always easy but it was right. I would certainly undertake coaching with Martina again in the future.”

Barbara, Honk Konge

“Thanks to Martina’s guidance and support I have learned that we all have within us everything we need to be happy. It’s not always easy, but it’s all about learning to flow and be at peace with oneself.”

Mark, Spain

“Martina is both supportive and challenging in her coaching and accepts no excuses!

I met Martina as a coach, in a voluntary role with the aim of helping others to develop. I felt that she was a warm, real person who worked patiently with me and helped me gain a new level of self-awareness and understanding of how to overcome and deal with the areas I was working on. My coaching from Martina was hugely satisfying and gave me the energy and motivation to achieve my goals. Martina kept me focused and encouraged me to see what was achievable.

Martina went with my own (usually fast!) pace and I felt like we maximised the value of every session. My experience with Martina has shown me what a truly effective means of development coaching can be. I would whole-heartedly encourage anyone who is thinking about arranging some coaching sessions, to contact Martina. If you are looking for coaching for you or funding coaching for your staff, Martina is a great coach, who you can trust to be committed to working with the real issues and finding effective outcomes.”

Helen, Competence manager, UK

“I worked with Martina for 6 sessions on a specific subject. It was my first experience with coaching. I had the expectation, that she would lead me into thinking and acting and my expectations were fulfilled.

Thinking became something enjoyable, surprising and at the same time practical. I learnt through her questions to see things from different angles and – maybe even more important- I started to ask much more questions myself.

Martina´s attitude is very respectful, creates a lot of trust, but it is also challenging to work with her. I recommend her for her efficiency, her humanity, her results and the pleasure, that it means to work with her.”

Karin, Grinberg method practicioner, Spain, Your Content Goes Here

“Martina, I see you as a caring, supportive, focused, lively and sensitive person as well as having an air of authority.

You act with authority to benefit others, for example at times I found you to be pushy and unreasonable, this was only for my benefit as you helped me realise who I really am, made me look inside my self to establish my abilities, the success my capabilities could bring, the actions I need to take, where I am right now, where I want to be and achieve as well as what I need to do in order to achieve the heights I aspire to.”

Deepinder, Consultant, UK, Your Content Goes Here

Time to advance your career.

Getting a promotion, land a new job, return to work, upskill, and become a better and more efficient leader. I will help you navigate along the way.

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