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Everybody has been experiencing many changes in their lives, particularly over the last few years. Many relationships break up and the process of separation can be very tiring, esp. if your ex wants to make your life hard. I have experienced many changes, including a separation and I know how it feels. Are you in a similar situation and are you looking for a support?

I would like to offer my support as a professional coach so that it’s easier for you to deal with the separation and other changes in your life and so that you feel confident and clear on where you are heading. I want to be here for you so that you don’t feel alone or lonely. I want to teach you what I know so that you can deal with your ex and the daily stress more effectively.



  • I suggest 4 coaching sessions via Skype, one session lasting up to 50 minutes. The start and the frequency of the sessions will be agreed in advance.
  • We will do 1 session at the beginning to specify your goals for the coaching, called Intake session. It will be done free of charge.
  • I offer support via email between scheduled sessions and if of interest, assignments and exercises between sessions to ensure progress.
  • At the end we will evaluate the process and create an action plan for continued personal growth.



Martina Blazkova, PhD

  • Over the past years, I have gained extensive experience with coaching, mentoring and motivation among others.
  • I completed the Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching with The Coaching Academy in the UK, a Certificate in Personal Coaching with The Coaching Academy and Fundamentals of Co-Active Coaching with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in the UK. I finished the “Curriculum for Living” of Landmark Education in the UK.
  • I am a Reiki Practitioner.
  • To be able to lead by example, I have personal experience with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), PSYCH-K, Grinberg method, Journey and many more other experiential techniques. My coaching is holistic and can be spiritual.
  • I have helped clients from various sectors, backgrounds and countries.


More details about me and my experience can be found on my website.


How much?

I want to offer a special price for those who really need coaching – 35 euros/session = 140 euros in total, paid in advance either in full or in two instalments.

The Intake session will be done for free via email (At the Intake session we set the ground rules and specify results/goals that you would like to achieve through coaching).

Bonus if you sign up before 1 October: E-book with useful auto-coaching tools for free.


Sounds interesting? Get in touch with me now!


Notes: All details will be agreed and finalised once you confirm that you are interested in working with me.

I am flexible in terms of the number of sessions, their length and other aspects. Don’t hesitate to contact me with your suggestions.

I offer 4 places to ensure my full attention and commitment to you and to your results.


What people say about me?

“Martina is a great leader, open and honest person and very very inspiring! Thanks to her I learnt a lot about myself and I was able to develop myself in many areas of my life and achieved things I would not have expected before!

Overall I can say that I am very pleased about Martina’s professionalism, the quality of coaching she provided and especially her commitment towards her clients!”

Daniela, Consultant, Belgium


“Martina provided me with life coaching when I came to London. I had to go very deep in discovering myself and I had to bend over my ego to the very bottom. Martina’s constructive feedback and encouragement enabled me to see my inner values and helped me considerably to be again over things! Thanks to Martina’s coaching I became a truly new personality. It would be hard to find somebody of more listening, encouraging and stimulating than Martina. She is there for you, to listen to you, to help you discover yourself.”

Radovan, Consultant for European Banking, CZ/UK

See more testimonials on my website.


Sounds interesting? Get in touch with me now!