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I worked with Martina over a number of months and what struck me most was her unique talent to truly support and make a stand for you as a human being. Sometimes when being coached it is necessary for us to hear things we don’t want to hear and one of the key things Martina brings to her coaching is the ability to bring things up kindly that we may be unwilling to confront or perhaps have not even noticed are holding us back. For me, Martina acted as a kind of unwavering ‘tree’ in her loyal and rigid support, allowing me to confront obstacles I didn’t even know were there and hence achieve incredible breakthroughs in overcoming them. In many ways Martina is not for the faint hearted. If you try to hide from things, she will raise them, kindly but firmly, again and again, until you get the message! This is not an easy thing to do and for me this is true compassion.
Sarah, Web editor, UK
Working with Martina was a self-discovering experience, as she helped me realise things that most of the times were lying in front of my eyes. Being myself a quite energetic person and goal orientated individual, I found great help through our sessions, as I managed to get faster and closer to my goals with more efficiency and no hesitance. Martina pushed me hard and challenged my beliefs in every session, which put me in a position that I had to ask myself all the tough questions.

Martina was extremely positive, joyful and enthusiastic throughout the sessions , which eased the sharing of my inner thoughts with her.

Panagis, Consultant, UK/Greece
The coaching impacted on my level of self-confidence which has translated into lessening the stress when making decisions and into improvement my relationships with others. The main results are a proactive attitude to reach my goals and the importance of my own criteria in detriment to what others do think or say about me. I immediately felt an increase of respect towards myself and others.

What I liked the most of Martina as coach is the accurate focus of the coaching sessions to the needs that I expressed. She picked immediately my questions and planned carefully the sessions to solve them progressively.

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Event Planning & Organizing


I worked with Martina on several projects and its always been a great pleasure. Martina is very creative, attentive to details and excellent in managing people. On both occasions, Martina created teams around her that she motivated and inspired to be their best.
Solveig, Charisma Coach, UK
Martina is a perfect team leader and knows how to manage time and unexpected stuff. When you work with Martina you feel like working with a friend, who will never leave you until the goal is achieved.
Ivan, European Project Manager, Spain
Working with Martina has always been a great experience. She has outstanding planner, communications and executive skills that make the difference. Her events are unique and create high value. She combines the charming and nice personality from East European countries with the management skills from the Western countries. All participants were always really highly satisfied and happy with the events. Definitely, I will strongly recommend Martina to organise your events.
Jose María, Consultant, Spain



I find that almost all the events you offer are very interesting and good for peoples’ inside growth !!! Thank you for doing this.
Steffi, Spain
I want to express my appreciation for your commitment to offering high quality activities that are perhaps new and, above all, empowering for the people who participate in them.
Anand, Spain
I love it! Lots of interesting thing’s to do and to get people involved and excited about personal development, whatever the discipline there’s something definitely for everyone.
Kitty, Spain
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